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•We Welcome you with loving and open arms•

Do not let your hearts be troubled, Trust in God; trust also in me.
— John 14:1

In Christian community, we nurture faith through Christ centered worship, thoughtful study and loving service.

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We gather together for traditional worship as a family, sing our praise to the Lord, and meet at God's table—first at the Lord's table—then within fellowship and conversation as we share coffee or lemonade after the service as God's people.

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Tucked away like a secluded gem in the Minnesota Northwoods, we enjoy this place of beauty where our ancestors put down roots by remembering the past and looking forward to the future.

Come and join us at our peaceful home of worship!

I Am Bethlehem Lutheran Church
I am strong, full of life, beautiful, welcoming, and appealing, with an air of the past,
present and looking to the future. I have stood tall through many things: wars, conflicts,
tornados, snow storms, floods, and fires.
I have been here for births, baptisms, first communions, confirmations, weddings, social
events, counseling and even deaths.
My doors are open to anyone who cares to enter. You are welcome to worship, to look
around, to socialize, to pray, or for the solace of just being here.
As this is being read, think of the one hundred twenty some years of my existence and
think of the number of times the doors have opened, the bell sounded, the building painted; how
many new roofs have been put on, carpeting changed, altar changes, improvements to light and
heating, and pews added. Think of the number of births, baptisms, social events, and even
deaths that have occurred.
What a sight I am as you drive in the lot: tall, proud, and a place for you.
There is a cemetery on the grounds. Wouldn’t it be nice to know the stories of people
buried there. Many are forgotten, with no relatives. We honor those, and all the souls there, by
keeping it in pristine condition.
I must mention the children, those wonderful beings that grace us with their presence and
hold so much power in our future.
I am a symbol to all, that there is a God in whom we put our trust and hope. I hope
people find peace and love from being here. I plan on being here for a long time.
Perhaps there will be more roofs put on, paint to cover my aging boards, but the church
itself remains fast and strong and true. We put our trust in the Lord Our God, Father, Son, and
Holy Spirit.
I am Bethlehem Lutheran Church.

Written by Ruth Nelson


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We work to better ourselves and our community with events, gatherings, and education. We strive to bring the strength and love of Christ to all we can reach and hope you can join us.


February is food shelf month

Lets remember those who need a hand this season and give others a simple gesture that will make their day brighter.

Collections are being taken every Sunday in February. Some suggested items include:

Canned fruits or vegetables, Cereal, Pasta, Paper products and many other dry and non-perishable items.


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Martin Luther, Reformer
Our faith is a living, busy, active, mighty thing.
— Martin Luther
Worship at Bethlehem Lutheran
Baptism at Bethlehem Lutheran, Aitkin, MN
Lefse Making at Bethlehem Lutheran

Lefse Making at Bethlehem Lutheran

Quilters at Bethlehem Lutheran in Aitkin, MN

Quilters at Bethlehem Lutheran in Aitkin, MN